Monday, October 27, 2008

first snow

Issa 一茶


hatu yuki ya setsuta narasite zenko-ji


sakuo’s English

first snowfall---

stomping setsuta sandal

at Zenko Temple



was a snobby sandal for playboy in Edo era.

It is not good for walking on snowy road. As to my imagination, Issa would

spent a night near the Temple and tomorrow morning he went to Zenko Temple with pleasant feeling. 


Chin’s haiga

Chin san is Taiwanese who is 80 years over, graduated from old Japanese Empire university in Taipei. He is Sakuo’s and Issa’s good friend.


New Creation Productions said...

lovely picture !

Magyar said...

Sakuo San... A humble echo. _m

my fine sandles
no match for new fallen snows
this temple trail

Gillena Cox said...

nice haiga; thanks for sharing the link for setsuta sandals

much love

Unknown said...

Thank you Mr. new creation product for your comment.


Unknown said...

Dear magyar san,
thank you for your kind echo.
Your haiku make me so easy and familiar mood.


Unknown said...

Thank you Gillena san.
I am very glade to find your interest on setuta sandale that I love too.