Friday, November 21, 2008

spring butterfly

Issa 一茶
uso-uso to ame furu naka wo haru no cho^

David's English
through the raindrops...
spring butterfly

by Issa, 1804
Uso-uso can mean "uneasily" or "full of anxiety"; Kogo dai

jiten (Shogakukan 1983) 196.

sakuo haiga
Uso-uso measns [ really?]
Issa and butterfly were suprisied suddenly rain.


John McDonald said...

love it sakuo san

Gabi Greve said...


omoshiroi 発想ですね。


upinVermont said...

I have been browsing the Internet for Haiku blogs. Just found yours. It is a pleasure to see that you're translating Issa. I am just now Lewis Mackenzie's biography of Issa "Autumn Wind Haiku".

I think Issa was the most compassionate of the great Hakuists - more so than Basho.

Now that I've found your blog, I'll be checking in every day.

If, at some point, you have the opportunity, I would be pleased if you stopped by my site. I'e been writing Haiku, trying to write one a day, to clear my mind.

Unknown said...

Thank you John san for your kindly visiting here everyday.
I have been encouraged very much.


Unknown said...

Thank you Gabi san for your visiting here.
arigatou gozaimasu.


Unknown said...

Thank you Vermont san for your kind comment.
I could understand you are very earnest haiku lover.
Issa is simple but having deep mind.
I am delighted to meet you in this blog.


upinVermont said...

I have come back for your next haiku, but keep rereading this one. It is so delicate & filled by tenderness. No poet gives me pause the way Issa does.