Friday, September 15, 2006

from one founder

kimi ga yo ya nushi nashi tsuka mo kazari matsu

by Issa, 1818

David’s English
Great Japan!
even an ownerless grave
decorated with pine

His comment
"Great Japan" is my translation of kimi ga yo, a phrase that refers to the emperor's reign and begins the Japanese national anthem. Someone has placed a New Year's pine-and-bamboo decoration on the grave.

sakuo comment and Renku
kimi means emperor, and yo is reign.
Issa admitted that Japan is owned by Emperor.
Ownerless mound is an ancient grave that would belong to followers of
old emperors.
Mostly Japanese think that we have come from same ancestors that were all emperor’s families.
At Issa’s age, nationality has been elevated by approaching of foreign ships.

ware ra hajimaru itigen no shiso

we have started
from one founder

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