Saturday, September 09, 2006

two houses


ie futatsu mitsu yotsu tako no yûbe kana

David’s English
flying from houses--
a two, threefour-kite

And his comment
Shinji Ogawa notes that the numbers grammatically modify the houses, yet "the numbers influence the 'kites' also." He adds that the normal Japanese expression is to give just two numbers, "two, three," or "three, four," but here, "Issa uses three numbers to create special effects--to make the image more clear, the image of a tranquil and peaceful village."

sakuo comment

Tr,David said the kites are two, three, and four.
If you read this haiku with 5,7,5.,
the sentence is devided as follows,

ie futatsu
mitu yotsu tako no
yuube kana

The houses are two.

sakuo’s English

two houses
three, four kites

sakuo Renku
niken no ieni genkina kotati

two houses and
cheerful children

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