Sunday, June 04, 2006

hurry up to the red-light district

1810, age 48.
uma kuishi [abu] ga nigeyuku hasu no hana

David’s Engish
after biting the horse
the horsefly hides out...
lotus blossoms

sakuo comment
In natural speaking , we don’t say horsefly bite the house, it is said horsefly sting the house. Kanji [kuisi 喰いし] means [to eat]
Then, horsefly is man, male who eat the horse meat and fly, rushing to the beautiful blossom that is lady, female.
In Edo city there were many horse steak houses near the red-light district (Yoshiwara)
where many Oiran girls waited for the sexual gust.
They were a kind of Buddha on lotus, helping sexually strayed men..

sakuo Renku
baniku-ya ato ni isoge yuukaku

leaving from horse steak house
hurry up to the red-light district Posted by Picasa

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