Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mum wine

by Issa, 1820, Age 58.
Last year his daughter died.
Tenth month, his second son is born.

David's translation

sakuo comment and renku
かくれや=not select house, a hut remote from residence.
呑手を雇ふ; what for the drinkers were hired ?
菊の酒; Mum Festival wine, I could’t find Festival in original haiku.
Mum is his wife, Kiku, chrysanthemum.
Last question; why his wife hired the drinkers, She was expected to
have a baby at early date, wishing that Issa doesn’t get out for drinking.
Then she called drinking friends to her home.


Gabi Greve said...

your renku is very good, Sakuo san !!

drinking at home
outside colors of autumn


Unknown said...

Sandy san give me nice music of drinker.
Please go to this site.
You can hear "hire drinkers"

Thank you Gabi san for your compliment.