Friday, August 10, 2007

radish rice

Issa 1803.

Dr. David translation.

sakuo comment and renku.

Do you know radish rice?
By Google image as follows,

It is mixed rice and radish.
In Edo era, rice was very precious worth as money.
Radish mixing was useful for saving rice.

I remind that in World War second, the very sivere shortage od food has occared.
At last stage of the war as well as after the war, there were nothing to eat.
Every home mixed every thing into rice.
They were potato, beans, vegitable and even weeds.
Of course radish was the representative of mixture. It was not sweet but satisfied the hungry



John McDonald said...

like these sakuo san the second one says so much about the world today

Gillena Cox said...

a meal of daikon
the family
gets together

much love

Unknown said...

Thank you John san.
I am very pleased to have your compliment.
There are many people who are hungryin the world.


Unknown said...

gillena san.
thank you for your renku that is very thoughtful.