Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saint Jizo

by Issa

Dr,David comment.
Jizo^ is the beloved guardian deity of children. As Gabi Greve notes, Jizo^ is not a "saint" in the strictest sense, since saints are human beings. On the other hand, Jizo^ certainly is a supernatural helper of humans. It is because of this aspect of saintliness that I add "Saint" to the name in my translation: to let Western readers who might not know who Jizo^ is understand at least that he is a helpful religious figure. Most statues of Jizo hold a jewel in the left hand. This one also holds a plum.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sakuo,
I'm a first-time visitor here, and oh, what a find! Congratulations on your excellent work! I've been subscribed to the daily Issa for some time: visiting your blog will be as much fun again.
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Unknown said...

Thank you,visnja san for your visiting and warm comment.
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