Monday, March 24, 2008

dropping willow

David’s English
drooping willow--
the gate's crookedness
not quite hidden

一茶 1816年.
tare yanagi kado no magari wa kakurenu zo

by Issa, 1816 Age 54

sakuo renku & renga
Two years before, married with 28 years bridal.
Fourth Month, a son is born, but soon dies.

若妻手を引き 背を伸ばす
waka-tuma te wo hiki se wo nobasu
young wife lead with hand
old stretch his back


Anonymous said...
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John McDonald said...

enjoyed this sakuo san

Wisdom Of Heart said...

that's a goodie sakuo

Unknown said...

Thank you John san for your kind comment.
I have been long absent for a while.
Please allow me not to responce to your comment.