Saturday, March 08, 2008

mocking the farmer

David’s English
mocking the farmer
plowing, the strutting

hata uchi no mane shite aruku karasu kana
by Issa,

1814, Age 52
Fourth Month, 11th day, he marries

Sakuo comment.
At first I think this is peaceful spring haiku.
But after ward I realize it is very severe poem.

Hata-uti (farm plowing) is Spring Kigo. It means newly farm work begins. Why the crow mocking and follow after the farmer? The crow need to find and pick up caterpillars, larvae and eggs. They need food for breeding their babies.
So the crow must up and down his head to catch their food.
Those poses are very similar to farm’s plowing action.
The bird can get easily find the insect from the ground that was just plowed by the farmer.

Issa is always severe to watch the nature including human


Anonymous said...

The strutting crow is always fascinating to watch; never thought about it in relation to a farmer plowing so found this interesting. Thanks Sakuo San for another nice picture and all the information that goes with it.

Gabi Greve said...

This is a great haiga, Sakuo san!

Nowadays with the maschines, the crows would have a hard time to imitate all this ...


from rural Japan

Unknown said...

anonymous san,doris san,
thank you for coming and placing comment.
I am very pleased to get your understanding.


Unknown said...

Thank you Gabi san for your humor.
This ku is plesant and a little sad.