Thursday, November 27, 2008

enterrin summer

Masajyo 真砂女

natsu ni iru ya mabuta no ura ni umi umare

Lee and Emiko's English

entering summer---
behind my eyelids
the sea is born

Seasonal word: entering summer ( summer)

sakuo haiga


Magyar said...

Sakuo San,

Metavision; so much can be seen beyond closed eyes, and this dreamer watches. _m

upinVermont said...

Hello Sakuo,

I'm wondering at the symbolism of the sea? There must be a buddhist association.

I'll be your student... How do you interpret this Haiku?

Unknown said...

Thank you Magyar san for your compliment.


Unknown said...

Dear upin Vermont san.
It is very interest observation to find Budha concept in this haiku.
It is very fresh feeling.