Tuesday, May 05, 2009

my kimono

Masajo 真砂女 1986 age 80



waga koromo shiroki botan to kure nokoru


Lee & Emiko’s English


my kimono

and the white peony

linger in twilight


Seasonal word: peony ( spring )

sakuo haiga


haiku Masajo


bandit said...

Good day my friend,

The lady's smile is a bit unexpected-

(Has it been that long since our peonies blossomed?)

At the risk of being too forward:

We're having a party-won't you stop by?

Magyar said...

Oooo... I like how your shading amplifies the phrase -linger in twilight-. Fine painting, Sakuo San! _m

John McDonald said...

another good one

Unknown said...

Thank you Bandit san,
for inviting me to your sit.
There are many my haiku friends.
It will be pleasant to joint this party.
If you have next kukai, please tell me it.


Unknown said...

Magyar san,
I am pleased to have your sure comment on my picture.
Very kindly thanks so much!


Unknown said...

John san,
thank you for compliment.