Saturday, January 23, 2010

mildewed room

Masajo 真砂女 1969, age 63


kabi no yado ikutose koi no yado toshite

Lee & Emiko’s English

mildewed rooms---

for how many years these rooms

as our love nest

This apartment house with two rooms and a dining kitchen had been my fort and at the same time a place for ease. When I come here at night and light the room, I feel my body and my mind winding down. It also has a history of being our love nest for a long period of time.

Seasonal word: mildew (summer)

sakuo haiga


Pris said...

Ohhh....this is one of my favorites! I love it.

Sakuo san, I wanted to write to say hello sometime, as you wished, too. I'll message you my email address the next time I go to facebook.


Unknown said...

Thank you Pris san for your kind comment.
I appreciated it very much.


I will take care for facebook.