Saturday, January 09, 2010

a night of spring

Masajo 真砂女1969 age 63


mizu nomite futatabi nemuri yowa no haru

Lee & Emiko’s English

a drink of water

then again to sleep

a night in spring

Seasonal word: a night in spring (spring)

Note: The spring night is somewhat sensual, while the autumn night is solitary or lonely.

Sakuo haiga


Dianne said...

Sakuo San,
It is a beautiful painting.
The hidden figure reclining in the background looks at first glance to be a horizon in the distance.

Your explanation of spring made me look again, the seated figure is not solitary after all.

Hidden meanings, just like Haiku!

marty45 said...

I enjoyed your picture and your use of the word spring.

Unknown said...

Dianne san,
Thank you for your coming and placing kind comment.
You would have real poetic soul.
I am happy to meet such excellent friend.


Unknown said...

Marty45 san,
thank you for your kindness.
I am pleased very much.