Saturday, August 20, 2005

Homu~~ Edo

David's English
even my plum tree
in its own sweet time
has bloomed!

-Issa, 1815
53 years old. On last year he has got his father's asset and married with Kiku.
September he went to Edo to publish his poem book. and being to Bosyu for visiting his haiku friends, coming back to his village on December

waga ume mo shougoto nashi ni saki ni keri

David comment
Shinji Ogawa said shougoto nashi ni saki ni keri goto nashi ni, means "reluctantly." He paraphrases: "my plum tree/ has reluctantly/ bloomed."

sakuo remark
Issa has got every thing at his home village that were the property and haiku sponsors.
This is his longing dream.
But he has lost Edo life and Edo culture.
So he had to get reluctant mood.

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