Tuesday, August 01, 2006

only my trouble

David’s English
the sky colors
of dawn have changed
to summer clothes

曙の空色衣かへにけり    一茶
akebono no sora iro koromo kae ni keri
by Issa, 1807

sakuo Comment
1807 7th month Issa returned to home village for attending to father’s funnel patry held at 7 years later from father’s death.
The father said his assets should be divided even between Issa and brother.
But it has been not executed till now. How long has suffered Issa?

kawaranu mono ha waga nangi nomi

the unchangeable is
only my trouble


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

This one is beautiful.

Unknown said...

thank you, andrew lockhart san.
I visited your site and went to
Present Tense (photo)--City Daily Photo.
And I confirmed the place of Van Buren Arkansas by Google map.
If you kindly let me know the name of place" Main Street,Court House,,and other photo's place" where I wish to go on the map og Google.
If it's done so, I could walk arround your town.


Anonymous said...

Very quietly beautiful Sakuo san!