Tuesday, August 29, 2006

with my fly's child


rusu ni suru zo koi shite asobe io no hae

David’s English & comennt
while I'm away
enjoy the love making
hut's flies

This haiku was composed in 1815, a year during which Issa spent the majority of days traveling (despite the fact he married his first wife, Kiku, just the year before). In fact, Shinji Ogawa points out that Issa stayed home only 77 days the year he married Kiku.Lest someone think this was a sign that the marriage wasn't working, one should keep in mind that Issa needed to meet with his haiku students throughout Shinano Province and, from time to time, hobnob with poets in Edo (today's Tokyo).

sakuo Renku
waga hae no ko to anata wo matan

with my fly’s child
I’m waiting for you
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