Monday, September 18, 2006

Edo castle at the back

David’s English
in my province
even trained monkeys
wear noble hats

waga kuni wa saru mo eboshi wo kaburi keri


by Issa, 1816

David's comment
A jab at local politicians? Literally, Issa says that the monkey is wearing the courtly headgear of a nobleman. Dancing monkeys perform their tricks in the New Year's season.

sakuo’s comment
The founder of Edo government is Ieyasu.
When he come into Edo castle firstly, his horse got injured at the leg.
A monkey dancing team prayed for the horse. After saving the horse ,
the monkey team got high confidence from the founder and got special
permition that was free entrance to the castle at three times a year .
They were given money as rewards every year.
In Edo era, there were many monkey dance teams in Edo city.

sakuo Renku
edo-jyou wo seni saru ibaru kana

Edo castle at the back
were monkeys arrogant



Unknown said...

texas haijin san, thank you for your coming.
My painting program is Photo shop element that is simple.


shanna said...

I love it...monkey dance in royal hats...nice work and much knowledghe tyhank you sakuo san

Unknown said...

thank you,shanna san for your warm compliment.