Wednesday, May 27, 2009

in this life

Masajo 真砂女   198680



konjo no ima ga shiawase kinukatsugi


Lee & Emiko’s English


in this life

the happiest moment now

boiled baby taros


Seasonal word: boiled taros (autumn)


sakuo  renku & haiga



sigoto mo koi mo ima hanazakari


my work and my love too

now in full bloom

in this life


John McDonald said...

enjoyed this too sakuo san

shanna said...

with butter and salt an peepper or better yet cooked in coconut milk
love em

Unknown said...

John san,
Thank you for your kind comment.



Unknown said...

Dear Shanna san,
Oh! you know well about Taros.
We are living in same ocean!!

Thank you for sharing.


Magyar said...

_I've never tasted Taro root... at least not that I know. Unless, perhaps, when we were in Kauai, at Kakaha, my wife and I had Taro Chicken, wrapped and steam-roasted in an underground and temporary oven... just grand!
_Thank you for this pleasent memory, Sakuo San.
_In case you've not seen my answer to your question, Sakuo a steeplechase is a horse race held on an obstacle course. I thank you for your visit there.

Unknown said...

Thank you Magyar san for your comment.
It is very interest to hear your experience about cocking Taro in Hawaii.
Hawaiian and Japanese live in same ocean, so taro has deeply rooted in our traditional life.