Friday, June 05, 2009

lover's arrow

Masajo  真砂女 1986  age 80



koi no ya no mato hazushi keri aki no kaze


Lee & Emiko’s English


love ‘s arrow

has missed its mark--

autumn wind


Seasonal word: autumn wind (autumn)


sakuo haiga

love's arrow


John McDonald said...

and another good one sakuo san

bandit said...

I think that's how I was struck;
right between the shoulder blades!
Knocked the wind out of me...
I like what's happening to the tree and sky. A sense of alarm and impending fate no one can resist.

Magyar said...

_Not only do I like your haiga, Sakuo San, it reminds me of a fictional story I wrote years back about an American Native clan, a coincidence.
_In short, a contest was immagined by a young woman of the tribe, and that "Arrow Catcher," won the heart of that maiden; only those interested in that young lass... would enter such a riskful contest.

Unknown said...

John san,
Always I am encouraged by your kind compliment.
Thanks a lot.


Unknown said...

Thank you Bandit san,
Your poetic words made me drunk. They are so sweet to my ears.
I could really enjoy to paint picture.


Unknown said...

Magyer san,
>Thank you for your precious talk about Arrow Catcher"
>My neighbor who like Indian arrow has made it by himself taught me style of bowing arrow.
It was very helpful.
>Your prose stimulated me much.


Gillena Cox said...

quite an exciting story unfolding here, and the illumination of the tree heightens the excitement

much love

Unknown said...

Thank you Gillena san for your sharp poetic eyes.