Sunday, June 14, 2009

summer cicada

Issa 一茶 1814


natsu no semi naku ga kono yo no eiyo^ kana

David’s English

the chirring of summer cicadas
their gift
to this world


by Issa, 1814

Shinji Ogawa's paraphrase guided my translation: "For the summer cicadas the chirring is their great accomplishment in this world." I wonder if Issa might be alluding to his own "chirring" as a poet--his own accomplishment or gift?

sakuo haiga

April Issa married with a young bride.

She said, “You are only doing haiku all day long”

Issa replied.

summer cicada


Gillena Cox said...

Issa's ear is tuned to the appreciation things outside of daily routine chores in; as any good haijin should

John McDonald said...

lovely sentiments sakuo san

bandit said...

Oh, my!
My bride said the same thing.
now I am embarrassed!

Unknown said...

Gillena san,
Thank you for your warm and kind comment,
If Issa would be here, he is very pleased much.


Unknown said...

John san,
I am very pleased to get your understanding Issa's sentiment.


Unknown said...

Dear bandit san,
This is very popular happening through the past and the present all over the world.
Thank you for sharing.