Thursday, June 18, 2009

a mole

Masajo 真砂女 1994 age 88

nakihokuro sodatete nakanu kaki wo waru

Lee & Emiko’s English

a mole under my eye:
I nurture it and split an oyster
that does not cry

Seasonal word: oyster ( winter )
Note: It is said that if one cry a lot, a mole under one’s eye grows
darker or becomes more visible. Therefore one who has a mole in this spot is said to live a tearful life. Masajo’s sorrow makes her think she is growing a mole.

sakuo haiga

Her moles are her men related. They brought her hazards, but she
used them as leverage to open her fortune. And she got the success of business and haiku achievement.

haiku haiga sakuo


Gillena Cox said...

this is very interesting; especially with the explaination of the metaphor

much love

Unknown said...

Thank you Gillena san for your sharp comment.