Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a wifeless man

Issa 一茶 1815


tsuma nashi [ga] kusa wo sakasete yu^suzumi

David’s English

a wifeless man
makes his plants bloom...
evening cool

sakuo haiga

This ku was made on 1815.

The year before Issa had married with Kiku, chrysanthemum,

after his long single life in Edo city.



bandit said...

My eyes, for some reason, are drawn to the lady's graceful neck.
It's as though her head is tilted slightly to the side, as though she is very interested in what the gentleman has to say!

Unknown said...

Thank you Bandit san!!

You, Issa,David and me have quite same image in the mind.
Issa felt in Haiku, David felt in the translation, I felt in painting, you felt the image in this work, those images are all same.
We completely have gone over Time and Space.

What a wonderful things happen!!