Monday, July 04, 2005

It is getting dirty !

through a village of people

David English
through a village of people
the pure water

-Issa, 1822
60 years old, On March the third son born, On August injured by
slipping on the road, wrote the books of haiku.

sakuo Japanese
人里を 通りて 清よき水 でなし
hito zato wo tourite kiyoki mizu denasi

Issa Original
人里出れば清水でなかりけり   一茶
hito-zato e dereba shimizu de nakari keri

sakuo remark
That’s right.


Pris said...

Oh this is wonderful. Your image goes so well with the ku. Issa's sense of humor and observation always delights me.

Unknown said...

thank you Pris san,
you encourage me very much.

Arigatou !!