Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Good by ! Come again !

three times round

David English
three times 'round
the little shrine...
departing geese

Issa, 1819
57 years old. wrote [ oraga haru-- my spring ]. On June first daughter died.

sakuo Japanese
三廻りす 小さな社 帰る雁

Issa Original
ko yashiro wo san-ben maite kaeru kari

This haiku is mailed to me second time.
At my first try I said as follows,
Sakuo Nakamura notes that the geese seem to be praying for their safe return journey.

sakuo remark
Good by! Come again next year!


Dashboard Saint said...

Your work is lovely; it adds layers and insight to Issu's.

Unknown said...

dashboard saint san,
thank you for your coming here.
I have visited to your site.

I couldn't understand who are you?
Are you golfer ?


Anonymous said...

Remarkable Work ~ Issa Reborn ~
Thank you Sakuo ~
Narayanan Raghunathan