Friday, July 15, 2005

thinking of Kyoto with Mitizane !!

one branch makes

This version was sent on 050412.
I made here second version

David English
one branch makes
Kyoto's sky...
plum blossoms

-Issa, 1802
40 years old, On last year his father died, the long struggle on father's asset has started. [Father's last day's record] has been

sakuo Japanese
一枝で 都に空を 梅の花
hito eda de miyako ni sora wo ume no hana

Issa Original
kata eda wa miyako no sora yo mume no hana

Mume is ume ("plum tree"). Just one blooming branch against the blue is enough to create a sky befitting the capital.

sakuo remark
The copy original of this haiku is maybe Mitizane Sugahara's
At this time Issa was not in Kyoto where he has been to at his young age.
He visited the Shrine of Mitizane in Edo who made Ume haiku of Kyouto ,
stayingin Kyusyu.
Having this concept, Issa would make this Ume haiku.
I think the place in Edo is Yushima Shrine.

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