Monday, July 18, 2005

Come up Gentleman !

with her samisen

David English
with her samisen 
she makes snow fall...
second floor 

-Issa, 1815
53 years old. On last year he has got his father's asset and married with Kiku.
September he went to Edo to publish his poem book. and being to Bosyu for visiting his haiku friends, coming back to his village on December

sakuo Japanese
三味線で 雪を降らせる 二階かな
syamisen de yuki wo fura seru nikai kana

Issa Original
samisen de yuki wo furasuru ni kai kana

David comennt
Yoshiwara was the licensed brothel district near Edo (today's Tokyo).
A geisha is using her samisen, a sort of three-string banjo, to sweep snow from a window ledge, causing a flurry below.

sakuo image.
There falls snow, there are few visitors. Geisya swept snow to invite Issa
to the house.
It isn't scenic as well as pity.

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