Saturday, July 02, 2005

scent and appetite, drink togather !

plum blossom scent

David English
plum blossom scent--
slurping it in
with the vegetable soup

-Issa, 1808
46 years old, Last year end returned to home village for father's asset negotiation. On June in Kashihabara again, attended to Grand mother's 33 th Buddha ceremony.
On November Having settled the negotiation with his half brother. On December , returned to Edo, his residence has been occupied by others unknown.

sakuo Japanese
梅の香や 汁菜と共に すすりけり

Issa Original
梅が香を すすり込だる菜汁哉
ume ga ka wo susuri kondaru na-zuyu kana

sakuo remark
[ blossom scent] stimulate our mentality.
[soup] is physical satisfaction for food appetite
Drinking togather with body and soul is his genius.

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