Monday, January 16, 2006

Don Don bonfire,Don Don snow !!

Issa Original 1818
dondo yaku dondo to yuki no furi ni keri

David’s English
New Year's bonfireand a New Year's snowcoming down

1818 age56
After the first son born, soon dies last year,
on fifth month, a daughter born

David’s Comment
Issa repeats and puns with the word, dondo, which refers to a Little New Year's bonfire and also describes the faling of the snow: "rapidly." In my translation, I try to match this effect with the repetition of "New Year's."
On Little New Year's, the day of the year's first full moon ( First Month, 15th day), New Year's decorations of pine-and-bamboo and sacred Shinto rope are burned.

Sakuo Comment.
Dondon bonfire is pleasant event.
Dondon snow fall imply gloomy and long winter life.
The haiku bring us brightness as well as darkness, making the haiku sharply contrast.

Sakuo Renku
short celebration
again long winter

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Hi Sakuo,
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