Sunday, January 29, 2006

with mill canon, defence Japan !

Issa Original 1817
mochi usu ni tori utai keri kimi ga yo to

David’s English
on the rice cake mill
the rooster sings too
"Oh Great Japan!"

David Comment
A rewrite of a haiku of 1803. The original poem begins with "Great Japan." "Great Japan" is my translation of kimi ga yo, a phrase that refers to the emperor's reign and begins the Japanese national anthem. This is a haiku of the New Year's season, the seasonal reference being "the year's first rooster's song" (hatsu tori).

sakuo Comment
At this time many foreign ship come to Edo bay. They wanted to the supply of food and fuel. Open the free port was wanted by England, Rusian and others.
So the government had to construct fortress with canons, especially mortars that was called mill canon in Japanese, because of similarity of outlook.

saku Renku
with the mill canon
will defense Great Japan

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