Sunday, January 22, 2006

only God knows

Issa Original
ganjitsu ya sara ni ryoshuku to omohoezu

1795, Age 33. He visits Matsuyama City.

David’s English
New Year's Day--
that I'm still on this journey

David's Comment
Shinji Ogawa explains that ryoshuku ("inn"), in this context, signifies "journey." Shinji notes that Issa started off on the 25th day of Third Month, 1792, and when this haiku was composed on New Year痴 Day of 1795, he was still on the same journey. Sara ni signifies "once more," or "over again." In this situation, it means, "still." Issa is still on his great journey--a fact that seems, suddenly, incredible to him.

sakuo Renku
only God knows
my destination

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