Friday, January 20, 2006

family saftey and business success

Issa Original 1825
hyakufuku no hajimeru fuigo hajime kana

David’s English
starting the New Year's luckfirst stokeof the fire

David’s Comment
Issa doesn't overtly mention New Year's in this haiku, but fuigo hajime ("first bellows") is a New Year's seasonal expression. His first act of the morning, puffing air into the hearth's fire, is humble and ordinary, but it will, he hopes, begin the process of "a hundred blessings" (hyakufuku) showering down upon him in the year ahead.

1825, Age 63
Last year, he marries Yuki, but after three months , they divorce.

sakuo Comment
Issa’s home village has been famous for blacksmith of agriculture tool and a horseshoe.
There were many blacksmiths at Issa’s age, the only one is surviving now.
The hearth opening was important ceremony at the village.
All villagers hope the safety and prosperity of this Year.

sakuo Renku
pray family safety
and business success

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