Sunday, July 20, 2008

evening smoke

小林一茶 1809年
yu^ keburi hato fuku hito ni kakari keri

David’s English
evening smoke--
on the man playing pigeon flute
it hangs
by Issa, 1809
Shinji Ogawa explains that there is a flute called hato-bue ("pigeon flute") used to call birds for hunting; it is similar to an ocarina.
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sakuo comment and haiga.
Issa 1819, age 57.
Sixth Month, his first daughter Sato dies of smallpox.
Evening smoke form chimney climb up. It shows dinner has been
Pigeon flute is for children. The sound is simple but a little sorrowful.
A man, Issa was playing the flute for his daughter.
His wife called him for the evening meal.
Pigeon was crying for a while in the evening

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