Thursday, July 17, 2008

soot-grimed straw mat

小林一茶 1806年
susu kusaki tatami mo tsuki no yo nari keri

David's English
on a soot-grimed
straw mat too...
moon gazing

by Issa, 1806
The original haiku ends with the phrase,
"it's become a moonlit night" (tsuki yo nari keri).
The moon-gazing is implied. Other moon watchers sit on fine tatami mats,
but one poor participant (Issa?) sits on a soot-stained one. For all, it's the same moon.
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sakuo comment.
1806 aged 44, staying in Edo, at this time his best haiku teacher was Natume Seibi who was
who was a big banker and helped Issa's daily life.
A soot-grimed straw mat is placed besidde Irori (fire storve) that is located in living room or
kitchen. Issa stayed there, but gust room were filled with moon watchers.
Their gay voices might sound to solitary Issa.

sakuo haiga.

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