Monday, July 28, 2008

heat shimmers

小林一茶 1822年 60歳

kagero^ no tatsu ya kakine no chan-bukuro

David’s English
heat shimmers rise--
on the fence
a pouch of tea

by Issa, 1822
Kaki can be translated as "fence" or "hedge."

sakuo comment.
What for is used the pouch of tea? I think bag is better than pouch in this case.
The tea bag is used for cooking gruel rice, putting tea in bag and boiled with rice
After cooking the bags are washed, dried and reused.
Who did eat tea gruel rice? In western district, in Kyoto or Nara it has been for break first. In eastern district, in Kanto it was generally for sick people.
At this time his wife was pregnant with third son.
Issa was looking the tea bags, thinking his wife and new baby.
1822, Third Month, 10th day, his third son is born

sakuo haiga.

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