Wednesday, July 30, 2008

sharing the same pillow

一茶 1821年
haha oya to onaji makura no teoi kana

David’s English
sharing the same pillow
with his mother...
wounded deer

by Issa, 1821
This image of a fawn lying next to his dying mother (wounded by a hunter's arrow), is one of Issa's most tragic.

sakuo haiga
On 1765, at his age 3, his mother dies.
It was the beginning of his tragedy and became the foundation of his haiku.


Gillena Cox said...

how sad; your haiga carries so much expression

and interesting Issa's use of the deer in jutaposition

much love


Unknown said...

Issa was a supper haikuist, using popular phrase.
As you said, his jutaposition way is skilful.
Thank you Gillena san for your sharing.