Saturday, July 12, 2008

morning Fuji

小林一茶 1818
asa fuji ya toso no cho^shi no kuchi no saki

David’s English
Mount Fuji dawn--
a New Year's sake toast
at my lips
Or: "at his lips" or "at her lips." Spiced sake (toso) is a New Year's drink.
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sakuo comment
1818, Issa age 56.
Fifth Month, 4th day, a daughter, Sato, is born.
It was his happiest New Year in his whole life.
second line
とその てうしの= bottle of happy sake
口の先= at the tap of
Fuji mount is not real existence but lovely wife’s forehead
that was alike to Mt,Fuji. We call it Fuji forehead, fujibitai in Japanese.

sakuo’s translation
morning Fuji Mount ---
at the tap of bottle
New Year’s sake

sakuo renku
杯受ける その富士額
sakazuki ukeru sono fuji-bitai

receiving with cup
her Fuji forehead

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