Saturday, July 26, 2008

mountain chrysanthemum

小林一茶 1820年 58歳
yama no kiku magaru nando wa shiranu nari

David's English
mountain chrysanthemum--
growing crooked's a thing
it knows nothing about

by Issa, 1820 age 58.
R. H. Blyth comments, "Chrysanthemum plants are artificially forced into all kinds of shapes. They are straight and upright by nature, like nature"

sakuo comment.
His wife was called chrysanthemum, Kiku in Japanese.
She was powerful woman, working hard with obstinate temper. They had
quarrels often.
1820 5th of Octer second son was born, Issa always said to Kiku that don't bundle the baby
on your back. She always resisted it, and on the first month of the next year
the baby was died on mother's back.

sakuo haiga.

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