Wednesday, November 09, 2005

burning man

Issa Original
hototogisu kataku no hito wo warauran

David’s English
laughing at the man
in the burning house?

Sakuo Comment
In this haiku, Issa was cuckoo and himself who
watch the man in the burning house who has lived
with all his effort.
The man lives with out knowing his future’s death
and desires all happiness on the earth.
Such a man is called “a man in burning house

The man, Issa and cuckoo, they are all same to be die.
So only praying Amida can help them forever.


Anonymous said...


you have a wonderful blog here that i frequently visit.

keep up the great work!

can i use your images on my blog? i will only source it from your blog and not upload a copy of it for myself, thus implicitly giving you credit.

i'll assume you have no objections until i hear from you, upon which i will promptly take it down.


Unknown said...

shiv san,
you may use my image on your blog.
I have visited your blog in which are there many topics.
Your sentence is very clear and simple like our Haiku princple.


Anonymous said...

sakuo san (i hope i am saying this right):

thank you so much for your permission. please carry on the brilliant work you are doing here and i will be sure to visit.

also thank you for the kind words on my blog. however, i dont think there are words enough to express my feelings on an issue as much as your pictures do for me. and that is the whole truth.

best wishes,