Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Issa's Autumn tip

I will travel to the satellite towns of Edo ( now Tokyo)
on 3, 4, 5,of November.
where young Issa had been to.

Characteristic of Issa visiting course
(1) Along big river side

At his era all transportation has depended upon river.
People and Load were carried by big river.
So many manufactures and markets were gathered at
near the river.
In this case, they are Tone, Edo River and Futtsu by sea.

(2) Core, sponsors.
At main point there were cores that were Issa’s sponsors,
who has helped to stay him and to supply rewards.
They had become haiku playing cores that acted as the center
where Haiku lovers gathered

(3) Active area was within 50 kilo-meters centering at Edo (Tokyo)
There was main route that was called Mito- kaidou.
Mito was 150 kilos far from Edo where Great Tycoon lived.
And satellite city to defense the northern enemy.

Sakuo starting Haiku
aki no hi ya itsusa to desi no matu mati he

Autumn trip
visiting the towns
Issa and his friends waiting me


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