Thursday, November 10, 2005

Red Gate !

On 04th November I visited Tone-mati where once
Issa frequently visited for haiku meeting. 
The town is along the Tone River.

There are many monument of Issa in the town.
One of them is Haiku memorial stone that stand
at the gate of the Temple Raiken-Ji that was authorized to paint Red Color at gate.
Red color painted on gate was monopolized by the Great Tycoon.

Issa’s haiku at the red gate.

akamon ya omezu okusezu hototogisu

Sakuo’s English
the red gate---
not being nervous and afraid

After seeing the Issa’s haiku stone, I went up to the altar that is higer than the red gate.
I could look over wider view from the place.

Sakuo Original
akino yuhi akamon koete tone nagamu

Sakuo’s English
autumn sunset
over the Red gate
watching Tone river


Gabi Greve said...

Hi Sakuo,

that sure sounds like a nice trip to Tone Machi!

Next time I am in the Kanto Area, I would like to visit there .


. Happy Haiku Gallery .


laryalee said...

Sakuo san, I enjoy these paintings, haiku, and stories of your journey.
Here is what you inspired:

the Tone river --
Issa's sunset

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i am busy so,
will not spend all my time here,
writing this haiku.


5-7-5 scale. i know its more complicated than this. but i just wanted to give it a shot.

as usual i will keep visiting. please keep up the good work!