Thursday, November 03, 2005

Visiting Autumn

 Character of the tour
(1) tour organizer
N H K ‘s (Nippon Broad-casting Association)
Culture school,
haiku section.
(2) purpose
Haiku excise and Ku-kai =haiku meeting
(3) Member, 26
N H K student 20 plus temporary participant 1 (it’s me) total 21
Haiku teacher and assistant 2
Supporter 3

Visited place
Nokogiri-yama (Saw mountain),
Nihon-ji (Japanese Temple)
There are 1553 stone Buddha and the highest Buddha 31 meters.

Hard training Day.
In day time we had to walk broad and up, down Temple by foot.
All members average age is 74 years old, so it was hard work.
In night we had two hours haiku excise by teacher of NHK Culuture School.

Then haiga and haiku were born as the above.

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