Friday, August 01, 2008


一茶 1813年
takasago ya oni oi-dasu mo hanuke-goe

David’s English
shouting away demons
a toothless one too

by Issa, 1813
Takasago is famous for pine tree-covered islands. During the end-of-year bean-scattering ritual, it is a custom to shout, "Luck indoors, demons begone!" In this haiku, someone without teeth joins in the shouting. This could be a self-portrait, since Issa lost his last tooth two years earlier, in 1811.

sakuo haiga
1813, Age 51
Second Month, Issa is living in Kashiwabara in a rented house for father’s asset.
Bean-scattering ritual was held at this time.


Gillena Cox said...

In Trinidad and Tobago cooking and eating blackeyed beans with rice together is a year end dish which is supposed to according to our folk culture to bring good luck

much love

Unknown said...

Yes,Gillena san, it is quit same.
We cook rice with red beans.
It is always served at happy time.