Sunday, February 05, 2006

famous Pine tree in Onoe

1792 age 30.
Leaving from Edo to Kansai Province on March,
he arrived at Takasago where is famous shrine called “Onoue”
Many Poems and Dramas have been created about this Shrine.
The pine tree in this shrine has been traditional reputation.
We find it in Noho song
Issa well knew about it and made this haiku.

Issa Original
haru kaze ya onoe no matsu ni ne wa aredo

David’s English
spring breeze—
only the pine on the ridge
whispers it

sakuo Comment
Onoe is not ( the rige) but the place name, proper noun.
The pine tree is in the shrine called Onoue no matu that appeared
in Noho song.

sakuo Renku
could meet the pine tree
written in old poem

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