Thursday, February 09, 2006

Graceful Kyoto

1792 age 30, on the trip to Western Province, he has been to Kyoto.
This haiku has the prescript, "Imperial Capital," i.e., Kyoto.

David's Comment
The phrase, "crossroads blossoms" (tsuji ga hana), is a euphemism for a light summer garment made of hemp: katabira. In an email message, Hiroshi Kobori explains that tsujiga-hana designs were in fashion from the mid-Muromachi era until the early Edo era; they were mostly dyed purple, red, and deep indigo..."bold and marvelous."

Issa Original
miyako kana tôzainamboku tsuji ga hana

David's English
in Kyoto
east, west, south, north...
summer kimonos

sakuo Renku
Grace is full
that’s not seen in

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