Friday, June 03, 2005

blown to home village

blownto the window

David English
blown to the window
little butterfly

-Issa, 1804
42 years old, live in Edo, getting new haiku friends in Natume's group.
And Nakamura and other haiku friends had come to Edo from Kasihabara, his home village.

Sakuo Japanese
投げられる 窓に再び 小蝶かな
nage rareru mado ni futatabi kotyou kana

Issa Original
mata mado e fuki-modosaruru ko chô kana

sakuo image
A little butterfly is Issa who has leaved from his native village
long before and has stayed in Edo. At this time he has struggled
with his father’s asset.
How often he has got back to Kashihabara.

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