Sunday, June 26, 2005

Longing for you !

with a finger

David English
writing with a finger
in the clear blue sky...
"autumn dusk"

-Issa, 1814
52 years old, On February the settlement of father's asset has been decided, he got his share. On April he marred with Kiku. On August went to Edo for preparation of retirement.

sakuo Japanese
指で書く 澄みし青空 秋の暮れ
ubi de ka ku sumisi ao zora aki no kure

Issa Original
ao-zora ni yubi de ji wo kaku aki no kure

sakuo remark
After getting marriage he usually stays in Sinano on New Year, spring, and summer. And he comes to Edo from autumn to winter.
At this time he was traveling to Bousou. He has looked at autumn sky, longing for his home Village.He wishes to write a letter on the sky with thinking of his family.

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