Monday, June 06, 2005

Give me half of father's asset !


David English
at the evening sky...

-Issa, 1812
50 years old, lived in Edo, leaving out on November to
his home village for dwelling eternally there.
It needs more two year to getting his share of father's asset

sakuo Japanese
夕方の空をにらむや 蛙かな
yugata no sora wo niramu ya kaeru kana

Issa Original
夕空をにらみつけたる蛙哉 一茶
yûzora wo nirami tsuketaru kawazu kana

sakuo image
The fog is Issa
who is scowling toward west where is his home
village. Issa is looking for returning to the village , getting his father’s asset from his half brother.
He is gazing at the west.

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