Saturday, June 25, 2005

Love is the best strong !


David Engish
my cat becomes
the neighbor's pet

-Issa, 1815
53 years old. On last year he has got the half of his father's asset
and married with Kiku.
September he went to Edo to publish his poem book. and being to Bosyu for visiting his haiku friends, coming back to his village on December.

sakuo Japanese
さかりつく 我が猫 近所の 人気者
sakari zuku waga neko kinjyono ninki mono

Issa Original
恋序 よ所の猫とは 成にけり 一茶
koi tsuide yoso no neko to wa nari ni keri

sakuo English
love side
my cat becomes
other’s cat

David Comment
Or: "the cat becomes..."Shinji Ogawa translates: koi tsuide ("as the consequence of the love affair"), yoso no neko ("other house's cat"), to wa ("it is indeed"), nari ni keri ("to have become"): "as the consequence of a love affair/ the cat becomes/ other house's pet."

sakuo remark
I can’t complain about it !

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