Monday, June 27, 2005

Mr issa , done good Job !

surprising the worker

David English
surprising the worker
in the field...
out-of-season blooms

-Issa, 1803
41 years old, living in Edo, in Honjyo, temple named Katuti-in.
visiting around Bousou, especially frequently visit to Akimoto, his good sponsor in Nagare-yama.
I think he has increased his power as one of haiku-ist.

sakuo Japanese
野の人も 驚ろきに けり 外れ咲き
no no hito mo odoroki ni keri hazure saki

Issa Original
畠人の思ひの外や帰り花 一茶
hata-bito no omoi no hoka ya kaeri-bana

David comment
"Out-of-season blossom" (kaeri-bana) is a winter seasonal expression.

sakuo remark
[hata-bito] is not Edo citizen but country man who live in Katusika area.
[ blossom] is Issa who is getting active after departure from Katusika sect.
Katusika sect has been surprised with Issa’s achievement in Haiku .

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